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Three ways to select the ideal flooring products for your home

First: The first thing is the budget, how much you can afford to spend on the flooring product. Although everybody would like nice floors, not all of us can really afford those luxurious but dear flooring products. Since you will probably need more materials than just flooring when refurbishing your home, you need to make a budget for all the things that you require.

Second: Having children and pets in the home can lead to more wear on the flooring product. In most cases, homes with young children and dogs will get  heavy traffic so the flooring needs to be heavy duty. This means flooring of cork and wood could be a no no as they could be easily damaged, stained or spoiled by your pooch.

Third: If anyone in the family has asthma or an allergy, then you may want to avoid carpeting. Carpets are common breeding grounds for dust mites and conceal dust and particles effectively. They are also harder to clean and show obvious signs of wear and tear. Rather than carpeting, you should think about flooring like vinyl or marble that doesn’t conceal dust and harmful organisms.


When choosing your flooring solutions you must take more facts into consideration: cosines, aspect, ease of cleaning and last but not least the ecological feature. So whether you choose to take into account one or more of these considerations we are here to make your flooring solution dream come true. It is up to you to choose the type of flooring that you want. For example there are many clients who opt for hardwood flooring as a result of its high duration in time and some prefer oak flooring for its special aspect.

More and more people opt for environmental friendly and ecological flooring solutions for their homes as this offers many advantages, from the practical easy-to-clean benefits to the image advantages, as ecological flooring really offers a very familiar and warm aspect to the room that it decorates.

The flooring solutions and types that we offer are varied and follow all the requirements of both design and practicality:

The tile flooring comes in numerous shapes and sizes and may be of travertine ceramic or granite kinds. Tile flooring can be installed in any room of the house as it is very easy to use, very hygienic and of a great durability in time. Even though tile flooring is cold, especially on winter you can combine it with a tile flooring system warming installation to bring the warmth and the comfort in your home.

Wood flooring or hardwood flooring is very much appreciated and opted for by many of our clients as it provides a classical image to any room. In fact wood will always be in fashion as it provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to your home. We provide pre-finishing and also unfinished wood flooring installation for any kind of wood floor that you want remodeled and renovated. Oak flooring is one of the other wood preferred solutions for houses.

Laminate flooring is considered as one of the most popular flooring solutions as more and more people opt for it to decorate their homes. This is because laminate is very easy to use and very easy and fast to install. The lower layer of laminate is humidity resistant and so this provides a real advantage to this type of flooring.

We deal with any kind of flooring installation, renovation and with flooring remodeling. We believe that professionalism is the key to success and to the full satisfaction of our clients and that is why we provide these services in a professional and thorough manner. For any kind of flooring installation and renovation need that you may have you are most welcome to contact us via email or by completing the special contact form available and we will get back to you in the shortest time.

All the tile, hardwood floor installation and refinishing works, as well as laminate installation works we perform extremely thoroughly and professionally. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to call us at 408.849.9700 or contact us via e-mail.


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